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FIFA Opening Ceremony 2014 Performers

FIFA Opening Ceremony 2014 Performers :- Over 600 performers are training in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup next month June. The FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony will showcase the diversity and beauty of the host country, Brazil. The Executive Director of the Local Organizing Committee said preparations for the ceremony began four years ago.

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FIFA Opening Ceremony 2014 Performers

She said the timing of the event, during daylight hours, and the need to protect the grass on the soccer field were special problems organizers had overcome. Organizers say the ceremony will last about 25 minutes, and performers will get together for 84 hours of rehearsals before the event. The focus of the ceremony will be a central “living” ball with more than 90,000 LED light clusters.

Pitbull also expressed great fullness to FIFA and also happy for joining Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte in the opening ceremony of FIFA world cup of 2014. This singer also believes that music is the most powerful tool for unity world together through football or any other game for human being. On the other hand singer Lopez also expressed about FIFA that this singer is born in Brazil and grew up from a house where football is the dream for them.